Spinning Top Pinot Gris 2019

Spinning Top Pinot Gris 2019

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Vintage Conditions:

Despite the very dry conditions in 2020, vines fared far better than the summer of 2019, when a similarly low amount of rain fell in January and February. This season was drier for longer than the previous year, with just 43mm of rain between December 21 and April 21, compared to 185mm in a normal year – do we have those anymore?

March with slightly cooler than average, but with warmer days and cool nights and almost no rainfall the growing season with slightly longer, and the temperature was cooler toward the end, which meant fruit had a fuller flavour.

This was good news for grape growers, because it allowed fruit to ripen in ideal conditions without any disease pressure from botrytis bunch rot. Unlike 2019, the lower night temperatures of the 2020 vintage helped to retain acids – these cool autumn nights are part of the magic of a vintage in Marlborough (unless you’re on nightshift!).



Predominantly sourced from our own vineyards – the Patriarch vineyard at Wairau Valley village and Casey’s Road vineyard at Blind River. These vineyards are some distance from the winery, so the fruit was harvested in the cooler evening and early morning then gently pressed with the pressings treated separately before being returned to the free run. The cloudy juice was cold settled over approximately 48 hours. The clear juice was then racked to tanks (no oak), warmed and inoculated with two yeasts chosen for their ability to enhance complexity but also allow the varietal character to shine. Temperature of ferment was 14 to 16°C.

After fermentation the wine was chilled and racked off fermentation lees after 2 to 3 weeks with blending trials and final blending completed by the end of June. The wine was fined to improve aromatic expression and mouthfeel then stabilised before final crossflow filtration to prepare for bottling.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Light straw yellow

Nose: Bright aromas of white peach and nectarine with subtle warm floral, lavender and fresh biscuit dough influence adding depth.

Palate:  Full weighted wine with a lusciousness that coats the palate balanced by a ripe, pithy, quince influenced structure finishing dry with good persistence.

Best Drinking: Now through to 2022. Serve lightly chilled.