The Yal Yal vineyard

The Gillies family acquired the vineyard in 2009 and committed themselves to producing wine which is representative of our terroir, the nuances of each vintage and the region.

Planted in 1997, Yal Yal Estate is located in an east-west valley in Merricks on the Mornington Peninsula. Our 2.5 hectare site (6 acres) is planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In addition we source excellent fruit from other local producers – currently managing over 15 acres of vines and producing 2000 cases of wine each year.

Our focus is to produce the highest quality fruit taking account of the uniqueness of our terroir and doing all we can to respect and enhance the sustainability of soil and vineyard biota. We do this by continually working to amplify soil health through the use of cover crops, tillage and aeration and improve soil biology through the application of compost, mulch and other natural soil and plant conditioners.

Our use of chemicals is minimal.   We place a high premium on doing all we can to manage the vineyard so that nature can take its course in the most pristine environment possible.

Our site is well protected, managed to maximise sunlight interception and is refreshed by cool sea breezes. All though the growing season we concentrate on ensuring a good ratio of fruit weight to leaf surface area to promote even ripening and well balanced fruit.

We are a very hands on operation. The vineyard is hand pruned, shoot thinned, shoot positioned and crop thinned. All our fruit is handpicked to ensure that only the highest quality Yal Yal fruit is picked for each Yal Yal vintage.